Hiring a Muse Mermaid FAQ

Hiring a Muse Mermaid FAQ

Do you get in the water and swim as a mermaid?

Yes! We have both “dry” land mermaids and swimming mermaids.


Do you ever travel for events?

Yes. Muse Mermaids are currently located in South Florida and are available to travel. We are happy to travel worldwide for entertainment jobs.

Do you have any mermen available for our corporate event?

Yes, we do have attractive and talented Mermen!

Do you make mermaid tails to sell?

No, I do not currently make or sell mermaid tails as they are very expensive and time consuming to make. I can refer you to a local mermaid tail maker when you book a mermaid for your party.

What about tops or accessories?

I do sell customized tops and accessories. Send me an email if you would like me to create something special for you.

What is your specialty? Do your mermaids just sit there?

Each Muse Mermaid is unique however, each mermaid and merman is trained in fire performance and dance. We have been hired as “ambiance” but we do not simply pose poolside. The Muse Mermaids are animated, they pose for photos, play with bubbles, float and swim, perform with props and even dance with real fire! One of our mermaids sings in her act.Mermaidgirlshell.jpg

What logistics do we need to keep in mind when hiring a mermaid? Can you walk in your tails?

Let us know as much as you can about the performance space so we can inform you of any logistics beforehand. The most common logistic is getting the mermaid and props from the dressing area to the performance area. Generally, a helper is needed to carry the mermaid or hide the mermaid so she can get in her tail unnoticed by your guests. We can provide our own mermaid assistant if needed.

Are there any events you do not perform for?

No, as long as the merfolk are safe Muse Mermaids can add elegant ambiance to your event.



To book Muse Mermaids http://www.musefusion.com

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